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By completing this form you are indicating that your center is ready to be added to the "ready" queue. Please complete the form in detail as we will be using your details to create a cost estimate as well.
  • Please note: The Name and Last name listed here will be assigned as the administrator of your website unless otherwise spesified at the bottom of this form.
  • Don't worry if you don't know this.
  • Please state what you would like your URL to be, ending with NOTE: This is only for centers who doesn't currently have a URL
  • This should be an email address that you are using to process registrations. If left blank, you will be able to fill this out later, but your site won't be able to process any funds until you do.
  • Eg.g, ("UA-xxxxxx-x") This code allows you to see who has come to your site and where from. It is very helpful marketing information. You can get a code here:
  • PLEASE NOTE:It must be their Shambhala Database Username AND email address. One username and email address per line