Site Description

The website will come with 18 pages to start:

  • Home page
  • Shambhala Vision
  • Shambhala Lineage
  • What we offer
  • Meditation
  • Way of Shambhala
  • Contemplative Arts
  • Ongoing offerings
  • Open public sitting hours
  • Open house
  • Classes and Retreats (linked to the SDB)
  • Community
  • Dorje Kasung
  • Membership
  • Membership form (optional)
  • Donation form (optional)
  • Our location
  • Blog

(you can easily add as many more pages as you need)



  • new elegant, beautiful Shambhala design
  • image slider on any page
  • easy to customize homepage layout
  • multi-level drop down menus
  • wide, modern site with space for large photography
  • easy to customize backgrounds, images, etc.

Modern features

  • much faster page loads and registration
  • donation and membership forms (Optional and needs configuration)
  • opportunity to create your own forms for anything you need
  • Google maps enabled
  • custom areas in the sidebar and footer for any content you need
  • will work great on iphone, ipad, and other mobile devices
  • integration with Paypal

Training and ease of use

  • edit your site’s pages and program with just your shambhala account log in – no software!
  • wordpress video user manuals
  • create as many site editors as you need and manage them all from one location.

Social Media & Analytics

  • Google analytics enabled
  • social network sharing links (facebook like, twitter, etc.)
  • easy to embed YouTube videos
  • SEO ready

Integration to Shambhala

  • log in to edit your site with your Shambhala Account.
  • programs powered by the Shambhala database
  • programs plugin fully integrated into SDB (program listings, details, registration, calendar, recurring events, etc.)
  • display upcoming and featured programs anywhere