Payment for the 2.0 site is based upon centre size.  Payments range from $2500 for very large centres to $70 for groups.  Let us know how many members you have and we will let you know the cost.  This is a one time cost which goes toward the development costs of the 2.0 site.

Before confirming your spot in the “ready” queue, each center will need to confirm their payment plan, way of payment (credit card or PayPal) and invoicing details. Please complete the Build Your Site form.


Optional: Payment over 4 Months

We do understand that many of the Shambhala Centers are under financial constraints and can offer a 4 month payment plan. The full fee will equally be divided over 4 months.   You will be invoiced on a monthly basis until the payment is complete.  Let us know if you would like this option.