Terms and Conditions Agreement

1. Site Description

We will build you a website based on the site description here.


2. Optional Forms

The membership and donation forms are optional for your 2.0 website and it requires configuration. Configuration can take place at no extra cost, should it fall within the hours of support allocated for your center. Billing for the configuration of these forms will only be incurred should you go beyond your hours of support. Please contact web.shambhala@gmail.com to request form configuration.


3. Services supplied by Shambhala International

  • fixing SDB related issues
  • fixing issues upon registering to the SDB
For any any assistance with these related issues, please contact Pawel Molenda or Bernard  or Candlin Dobbs

4. Support

4.1 Billable Support

  • Changing the styling or the design of the website
  • Adding new features/customization
  • Configuration of registered URL that is not currently a sub domain URL of Shambhala International

For billable support, we will send you an estimate for the work needed once we know the details.

4.2 Included Support


5. Hours of Support

According to the center size and the amount of dues paying members,  a certain amount of hours of support will be allocated and communicated to each center.  Bigger centers will usually be allocated more hours than smaller centers/groups.